Personalize your Android Gadget – Basic Applications

04 Mar

You might be wondering what apps you have to install on your android device. Options are vary because there are hundreds of thousands android apps in the market, but you might already know that you couldn’t install all of those apps because your RAM is not that  big.

On this post, i will describe several basic application that you SHOULD have in your android.

Open Home Launcher

I Like this launcher even though it doesn’t have scrollable item on it till now. but what i like from this launcher is because it’s light and had additional scrollable menu item on it’s desktop. Check out this pictures


Documents to Go

You definitely need this for managing and / or editing your doc, xls, and presentation files. Also on ver.3.0, you could access your google documents directly from Documents to Go.

Video Caller Id and Video Trimmer

Want to have video ringtone on your android ? This two application is your solution


Pure Grid Calendar Widget

Maintain your schedules and meetings with this widget, it also integrated with Stock Google Calendar and GTask (Downloadable from market).

Youtube Downloader

This is EXACTLY what you WANT !

Yahoo Mail

Yes it is a Yahoo Mail 🙂


WordPress for Android

Update your blog anytime anywhere with this application


3 G Watchdog

Using prepaid card for your android ? Track your quota usage using this application


Picasa Tool Pro

Google Phone, equipped with Google image hosting application. Work natively on your android

Adobe Photoshop Express

Took a picture but not good enough ? This app will help you work on that


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